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January-February 2006 related web links

Bob Cartwright: Venezuela's 'Socialism for the 21st Century (pdf)
To learn more, visit the Venezuela's Information Office. For independent news visit Charlie Hardy, who has lived in Venezuela for 30 years and contributed to the author's understanding of events and conditions, posts news dispatches at in Cowboy in Caracas.
To contact the author, email bobo926 AT

Lawrence Bush:
Temptations of Nationalism: "America First" Versus Ruinous Empire
Intrigued about Pat Buchanan’s 2004 book, Where the Right Went Wrong ?
To gain some insight into the vulnerabilities of the conservative movement, listen to his
Fresh Air NPR radio interview which aired October 13, 2004.

Editorial: For Dr. King's Holiday, Separate Rhetoric from Reality
Mentions the website for
The Center on Budget and Priorities and their report: Hardship Indicators Point to a Difficult Holiday Season National Policy Response is Off Kilter.

Ralph Seliger: Viewpoints: How American Jews Can Aid the Peace Process. Participating in the World Zionist Congress.
Urging JC readers to register and vote for
Hatikvah: the Progressive Zionist Coalition for this historic election, open to the democratic participation of all Jews for the 2006 World Zionist Congress, the Congress of the Jewish People. You can review all the other slates. Mr Seliger, a frequent contributor, is a vice president of Meretz USA and editor of its publication, Israel Horizon and a blogger at


March - April 2006  related web links

Mordechai Liebling:
A Rabbi Investigates in Sudan  pdf
The report of the peace delegation Rabbi Liebling participated in is posted on the pages of the Shalom Center.
To read Nat Hentoff's March 2006 Village Voice interview with Mordechai Liebling, click here. 
For the latest news, visit the Save Darfur site

Linda Gritz
The Challenges of Commemorating the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising  pdf

With April 19 as the official date of the Uprising, observances are held on Sundays in April. The Workmen's Circle web site announces the commemorations being organized by their local affiliates.


May - June 2006  related web links

The Interview with the Rabbi
Sharon Kleinbaum, rabbi of the largest gay synagogue Beth Simchat Torah is also the North American co-chair of World Pride 2006 at

They Stood Up:
Rosa Parks and Virginia Durr, Heroines of the Civil Rights Movement

by Dorothy Zellner
Rosa Parks
New York Times Obituary (registration required)
Wikipedia entry
Juan Williams, mentioned in Times article, can be found on this blog site: 

Rosa Parks attended the Highlander School which helped educate many in social activism. Investigated in the 50's, the school was shut down by court order in 1960. Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act you can view these once-confidential files on the FBI's website. click here  (pdf)

Virginia Durr 
Durr Obituary
Virginia Durr wrote that her college years at Wellesley were transforming. Learn more

Author Dorothy M. Zellner
After twenty years in the South, she returned to New York and worked for the Center for Constitutional Rights


July-August 2006  related web links

Holocaust Restitution and the Claims Conference  Daniel Kadden

Editorial - "Pro-Israel" Politics and the Mearsheimer-Walt Paper

Birobidzhan, Stalin's Forgotten Zion, An Illustrated History, a 35 page virtual exhibit on Swarthmore College's website.

Official government website for Birobidzhan called "Jewish Autonomous Region":

The Rootless Cosmopolitan  The “Sphere of the Endless”  Rokhl Kafrissen
Songs by
Jewlia Eisenberg, one of the group known as the Charming Hostesses, can be found at 


September-October 2006  related web links

Global Development and the United Nations  Nora Simpson

The Return of the Radical Right in Poland  Brian Porter

Secular Jewishness For Our Time  reviewed by Mitchell Silver
A three part symposium by three generations of writers, educators, and cultural activists in 1938-40, 1968-69, and 1998-2000.
dited by Barnett Zumoff and Karl D. Zukerman  learn more


November-December 2006  related web links

Israeli Media and Public Opinion

Proletpen and American Yiddish Poetry: Dovid Katz

Itche Goldberg on Khayim Zhitlovsky  Yankl Stillman

Editorial: "Sorry, I Didn't Recognize You!" mentions the Democratic Party's agenda which can be found at

More Years More Books
Esther Cohen's latest book unseenamerica is available at the Jewish Book
as are these books mentioned in her review: Philip Roth, Everyman; Alison Bechdel, Fun Home; Hilma Wolitzer, The Doctor's Daughter; Gary Shteyngart, Absurdistan; Claire Messud, The Emperor's Children; Irene Nemirovsky, Suite Francaise; and Nicole Krauss, History of Love: A Novel.

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