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Jewish Currents
is a progressive, secular Jewish bimonthly magazine that carries on the insurgent tradition of the Jewish left through independent journalism, political commentary, and a "countercultural" approach to Jewish arts and literature.

Founded in 1946 as Jewish Life, the magazine was reorganized and re-launched in 1958 as Jewish Currents, with Morris U. Schappes (1907-2004) as its editor, a post he held for four decades. (For more on Morris Schappes, click here.)

Now in our 60th year of publication, J.C. is undergoing a revival and expansion under the leadership of its new editor, Lawrence Bush, whose new column, "Religion and Skepticism," contends playfully with many manifestations of the "spirituality" of contemporary American culture. Other regular columns include "It Happened in Israel," "Inside the Jewish Community," "Our Secular Jewish Heritage," "Around the World," and "Mameloshn: Yiddish Poetry." The magazine is unique among Jewish publications in its historical awareness, its commitment to diversity and democracy in Jewish life, its readiness to publish fiction and poetry, and the independence and unpretentiousness of its voice.

Beginning with our March-April, 2005 issue, Jewish Currents began coming into the homes of all members of the Workmen's Circle/Arbeter Ring as a benefit of membership. Our magazine's circulation jumped more than 500 percent. The Workmen's Circle, in turn, gained decision making influence through the addition of four members of the organization to our Editorial Board. For more on this major step, click here.

Early in 2006 we moved our offices to the offices of Workmen's Circle and on May 7, 2006 we merged with the Workmen's Circle/Arbeter Ring. For comments on this union, see the New York Times and the Forward.

Lawrence Bush is author of six books of Jewish fiction and non-fiction and most recently provided updating and commentary for the millennial edition of Leo Rosten's classic, The Joys of Yiddish. In addition to editing Jewish Currents, he is the former editor of Reconstructionism Today, the quarterly magazine of the Jewish Reconstructionist movement, and also co-edited Jews, an arts magazine and mail-art experience. His writings have appeared in the New York Times, Tikkun, Moment, Reform Judaism, Mad magazine, and other publications.

Lawrence Bush, center, the editor of Jewish Currents, with members of our editorial board.
Photo by Andrea Mohin/The New York Times

To visit the Workmens Circle website, click here.

A progressive secular Jewish magazine, founded in 1946.   ●   Editor: Lawrence Bush
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